Body In White panel
Very thin organic coating
PLT is applied as a thin organic layer of 20 to 50 nanometres between the zinc-coated steel and the pre-lube.
Lower punch force
With PLT we measure much lower punch force: up to 10% in critical deep drawing situations.
Promotes bonding
PLT acts as a booster bond on zinc-magnesium coatings, realising a satisfactory 100% cohesive failure mode in the majority of cases.
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Automotive PLT
Typical applications of PLT
Prime Lubrication Treatment is ideal for a range of applications
PLT fender

PLT?offers?in improved manufacturing efficiency,?with increased output due to reduced tool pollution and a stable friction coefficient during stamping.?

Benefit from press shop efficiency
Body In White hood formability

PLT is compatible with current adhesive systems and acts as a bonding promoter for zinc-magnesium coatings.?

Motor hood
Benefit from bonding promotion
Body side panel

PLT makes it easy to switch from electro-galvanised steel to cost-effective hot-dip galvanised steel for outer panels such as body sides.?

Body side
Benefit from cost-effectiveness
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BiW sidepanel